• The Spirit of Beowulf Festival Fundraising Weekend

    May 3-6 2019 Woodbridge Suffolk

    Beowulf's journey will take longer than expected - Due to an unforeseen lack of funding we reluctantly have to postpone the main Beowulf Festival until 2020.

    BUT The Spirit of Beowulf will be alive and well over the Early Spring Bank Holiday weekend, May 3-6 2019 with fundraising events in the town and on the banks of the beautiful River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


    Daily Updates from The Spirit of Beowulf Facebook and Instagram Pages with a link to tickets for the Mothering Day Tea Fundraising Event on EVENTBRITE


    Get involved in fundraising for this wonderful Festival, celebrating the community's link to the Spirit of Beowulf. All offers of help, suggestions and questions gratefully received! We look forward to seeing you at the fundraising weekend.


    We couldn't do it without you! Thanks for your support of the Fundraising Weekend - there are still sponsorship opportunities - please contact us for more details. Thankyou!

    Mothership Studios

    Hailing all Frequencies! Providing fantastic prizes in the studio and on line radio for the Beowulf Songwriting Competition.

    Sea Folk Arts

    The Boat Stage on the Trawler Marie will be moored on the Town Quay for Music & Workshops on Saturday .

    Wooden Roots

    Find the tent at Whisstocks and enter an exciting interactive experience of African drum demos and mini drum workshops!

    Silk Rose Sewing Tutorials

    Clare will tutor you in dressmaking and design skills to help you become confident in making up your creations.

    Woodbridge Deli

    The beautiful Mothering Sunday tea sponsored by Woodbridge Deli celebrates the birthday of Edward FitzGerald and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. 4PM

  • About us

    We are organising this festival but we can't do it without you!

    Clare Perkins

    Co-Producer Beowulf Festival

    This festival is my gift to the town - for Woodbridge, by Woodbridge, to Woodbridge! I have always loved legends and Beowulf is an intriguing and amazing story which it appears may have been written near the town of which I was Mayor of Woodbridge 2017-18. The people of Woodbridge have historically worked with the River Deben and so this festival takes place on the banks of our beautiful river,

    Jan Pulsford

    Music Producer Beowulf Festival

    Jan has worked all her life in music and the arts and is looking forward to once again curating the music and projections for the Beowulf Festival 2020.

    Charlotte Murray

    Catering Co-ordinator Beowulf Festival

    ‘I decided to start my own business last year in events coordinating and catering. Having worked in hospitality my whole working life, it was the next natural step. The joy I get from seeing happy people having a wonderful time at a party or event I have created/hosted is second to none. Working together with Claire and Jan in preparation for this fabulous Beowulf festival has been in full swing for months and we so looking forward to welcoming you all the experience the spirit of Beowulf.’