• Beowulf Festival

    the journey will continue ...

    Beowulf Festival - the journey will continue ...


    March 13th 2020


    It is a time of uncertainty and no one can predict what will happen over the next six weeks.


    The health and safety of visitors and performers are of paramount importance.


    To avoid costly last minute cancellations and further un-recoupable financial investment we have sadly made the decision to POSTPONE the Beowulf 2020 Festival.


    We thank everyone who has supported the journey so far. The Spirit of Beowulf remains alive and we intend to come back with a dragon’s roar some day.


    Meanwhile all monies from crowd funding and ticket sales will be refunded.


    We wish everyone well in these unsettled times.


    The Beowulf Festival Production Team

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    Get involved ... celebrate the community's link to the Spirit of Beowulf. All offers of help, suggestions, sponsorship and questions gratefully received! We look forward to seeing you on the first weekend of May 2020.

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    We are organising this festival but we can't do it without you!

    Clare Perkins

    Co-Producer Beowulf Festival

    This festival is my gift to the town - for Woodbridge, by Woodbridge, to Woodbridge! I have always loved legends and Beowulf is an intriguing and amazing story which it appears may have been written near the town of which I was Mayor of Woodbridge 2017-18. The people of Woodbridge have historically worked with the River Deben and so this festival takes place on the banks of our beautiful river,

    Jan Pulsford

    Co- Producer Beowulf Festival

    Jan has worked all her life in music and the arts and is looking forward to once again curating the music and projections for the Beowulf Festival 2020.